Preventative Maintenance

spark plugs – $150

gen 2 (2004-2009)

the recommended interval change is every 60k-80k miles

gen 3 (2010-2015)

Toyota highly recommends replacement every 100k-120k miles


Fuel Injector Service – $175

get improved performance and fuel efficiency with a quieter operation

we pull the injectors and do a reverse flow ultrasonic cleaning bath

test them and install with new seal




Hybrid Battery Cooling Service – $100

help prolong your battery life and avoid your battery from overheating

we remove and clean cooling fan

check battery health

install add on filter



EGR Service – $500

if you own a Prius from 2010 and up you have an egr exhaust gas recirculation which over time the egr cooler, intake, and throttle body get clogged with carbon deposits restricting airflow with restricted airflow you get poor fuel economy and in most cases the motor will misfire and cause it to knock.


if not serviced in time you will more than likely get the dreaded head gasket failure sometimes even in most cases a hole in the motor

take preventative maintenance and service your egr system now to increase your fuel economy and avoid costly repairs


We Remove The EGR Cooler & Pipes & Replace With Newer Clean Ones

Remove & Clean The Intake Manifold & Throttle Body

Replace With A New PCV Valve & Reroute With An Oil Catch Can To Prevent Any Oil Blow By To The Intake Manifold

All New OEM Gaskets Included

Includes Full Drain & Full Of Coolant & Bleeding Of The System

Visual Inspection Of Spark Plugs (25% off if needed)

Visual Inspection Of Injectors (25% off if needed)



Electric Water Pump Replacement – $400

These Pumps are known to fail at 100k miles this will cause the engine to overheat within minutes leading to head gasket failure. stop a bad situation before it starts and replace water pump before it fails. It will be more cost effective in the long run and you will have a Prius that lasts a lot longer

Includes Fluids

Includes New Electric Pump


Engine & transmission Swaps

Motor – $850

Includes all new fluids (oil, coolant, inverter)

We Can Help You Find A Motor!


Transmission – $500

Fluid Included

We Can Help You Find A Transmission!

Head Gasket Repair – $1000

New Head Gaskets Included

Includes Full EGR Service

Includes Motor Oil (Full Synthetic)

Includes Labor




Fluid Service

ensure longevity for your car with regular fluid changes we only work with the best brands and full synthetic

Motor Oil With Filter – $70

Transmission Fluid Change – $70

Transmission Flush – $120

Inverter Coolant – $70

Engine Coolant Drain and Fill – $80

Flush and Fill – $130